“I had a dream….”, that on one day I would crowd surf on the biggest stage possible. Yes, indeed, at Tommorowland. Last year, at the 10th anniversary of Tomorrowland it had to be my moment! The Universe helped me and my friends with getting tickets and so we went to Belgium. I bought a rubber boat to do it, and at the first day I took it with me, ready to roll on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike! Unfortunately, at the gates, I couldn’t bring it with me… so I had to go without one, because it had to happen, one way or another!

Then the Goosebumps started to go up on the show of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. I just asked a few guys around me that I was going to do it and they where more then willing to help. Here we go…. 3….2…..(eehhh) … 1…. and jump!… Many arms lifted me easily and my sight was immediately above all the crowd, in the valley of 60.000 people. Everyone was helping me to stay up and guided me in the good direction. This connection, this love was so Legendary that I would recommend it to everyone! As a really nice present I was even printed crowdsurfing in the book of Tomorrowland! So, just do it!

*ps best stage to do it, definitely Tomorrowland! But do it wherever possible!
Machiel Monninkhof, Netherlands

by LyL