Some things should be on your bucket list, however standing on somebodies shoulder wasn’t one mine. However, to do great things and to get the most of my life was for sure was! So at Tomorrowland 2014 I was partying to the max with my friends until two random guys just tapped me on my shoulder. They where from Sweden and asked “do you like to stand on our shoulders?” … eh, say what? “doooo youuuu like to stand on ourrrr shoulders!!??” Woow, I guess… I guess… OFCOURSE!! Capture the moment right! And there I went, with the help of my friends I just balanced on two shoulders, shaking to get up to more the 3,5 meters in the air, at least 1,5 meters above the crowd. And then the Legendary goose bump moment was there, I looked… I looked and was stunned! I saw 60.000 people around me, all united with such a great energy. I looked in front of  me and looked Stevey Aoki right in the eyes and firework was exploding around me… this was undeniably Legen……. Wait for it…… wait for it….. DARY!

Arjan Bomkamp, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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by Legendary your Life