Do you want to see Kingsday in a very very special way, then try to get one of these limited editions! These Classic rave glasses have never let anyone down at a party. This diffraction model has a smooth Wayfarer frame with a magnificent finishing touch and are forged with the most Legendary glasses every made.

This model has got a Tinted lens with the maximum rainbow-burst effect possible, perfect for Kingsday! All our models are tested for bumpy environments and so they can handle you!

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Tinted Lens

LyL forged for you the most Legendary glasses ever made by humans or Gods. Therefore our  “Bronze” lens has got the maximum rainbow-burst effect possible, only Tinted. This is why everything around you will explode in colorful combinations, while you can endure the bright light of daylight. Look at the lights and the specific colors and experience these Legendary spaceglasses. Use the light of your phone/lighter, the led gloves or the led finger lights and look at the streetlights. Most of all, the stroboscopes make one hell of a show for you.

LyL does not only offer spaceglasses, diffraction glasses and Kaleidoscope glasses, we offer you an experience, the ultimate high on your festival, with your friends and fellow party souls around you. With gadgets that will supplement each other, like our LyL led gloves and led finger lights in combination with the LyL spaceglasses to skyrocket your party to the next level.

Even if LyL offers 6 different frames, 13 different colors (with 3 glow in the dark glasses) and 4 different lenses (Clear/Spiral/Bronze/Tinted), there might be a possibility we couldn’t fulfill your special needs. In that case we’ve found the perfect prisms glasses for you, the Lithium Customizable spaceglasses. So choose your frame, your lenses and your frame-arms and you’ve created your own design. Eg. the “Pitch black frame” + the “Solar Orange arms” + the “Bronze Lenses” ? Or the “Deep red frame”  + the “Pure White arms” + the “Tinted lenses”. You are the creator!

Because of the bronze tinted lens you can use these prisms glasses indoor/outdoor. Wear them, share them!

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