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When you still not satisfied with with all the diffraction we have to offer, when you want something phenomenal extreme, then try these babies! The LyL Kaleidoscope glassess are by far the most extreme prisms glasses you have ever bought. You don’t buy these glasses and own them, they own you! Forged with real crystal and pressed into 3 awesome retro frames, these trippy glasses will take you to a whole new level. First try them out at home!

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Kaleidoscope Wormhole

If you still not satisfied with all the diffraction we have to offer, if you want something phenomenal extreme, then try these babies! The LYL Kaleidoscope glasses are by far the most extreme prism glasses you have ever bought. When you look through the Wormhole Kaleidoscope glasses you dancing in tunnels of light, opening portals from different parallel universes and having a party like you had never had before. Look at fire, use our led gloves or the Motion Sensored Led Bracelets and dance away in the lights around you.

Forged with real crystal and pressed into awesome retro frames, these trippy glasses will take you to a whole new level. First try them out at home!

Supernova Frame

Do you feel like you are exploding from energy and you just love all creation of the universe, than our Supernova Frame will meet al your needs. Housing the Blue Sapphire Wormhole lenses in the most elegant design, you will forget time and space even existed. Don’t forget to share the experience.

Blue Lens

The Sapphire Blue Kaleidoscopic Lenses don’t need too much of an introduction while you raise the frequency of the dance floor instantly when the effect leaves you breathless.Create every reality you want and make it the most beautiful place on earth.


LYL not only offers space glasses, diffraction glasses and Kaleidoscope glasses, we offer an experience– the ultimate high for your festival, friends and fellow party souls around you. With gadgets that compliment each other, like our LYL LED gloves and Motion Sensored Led Bracelets in combination with the LYL diffraction glasses to skyrocket your party experience to the next level.

Suited for in/outdoor festivals/clubs/night clubs/afterparties at home

Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 15 × 13.5 × 6 cm



Kaleidoscope Wormhole, Pink, Real glass crystal


Stainless steel


High quality indistructable frame, Light weight design

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