• Legendary Kaleidoscope
  • See Through effect
  • Mirroring Sapphire crystal glass
  • Retro Mount Etna frame
  • Lightweight Design
  • Magnificent finishing touch
  • Maximum Kaleidoscope effect
  • Tested for bumpy environments and so they can handle you!

Inspired by #Dani

Inspired by an Angel that grew up in Mexico and awakened by following her passion and love in the world of Art, Design and happy vibes. Follow us and this Legend on #legendaryyourlife and #dani.her

Kaleidoscope See Through

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to change to have a vision that is in front of you and 180 degrees behind you? Do you want to find out the secret behind this, check them out!Create every reality you want and make it the most beautiful place on earth. Have a Legendary buzzz!


LYL not only offers space glasses, diffraction glasses and Kaleidoscope glasses, we offer an experience– the ultimate high for your festival, friends and fellow party souls around you. With gadgets that compliment each other, like our LYL LED gloves and Motion Sensored Led Bracelets in combination with the LYL diffraction glasses to skyrocket your party experience to the next level.

Suited for in/outdoor festivals/clubs/night clubs/afterparties at home

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by Legendary your Life

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