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  • Legendary Spiral diffraction Lens
  • Pitch Black!
  • Smooth Carbon Retro frame
  • Magnificent finishing touch
  • Maximum rainbow-burst diffraction
  • Tested for bumpy environments and so they can handle you!
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Spiral Lens

LYL has created the most Legendary diffraction glasses ever brought into existence. Our “Spiral” lens has got the maximum rainbow-spiral effect possible. The spaceglasses split the light into the most fantastic color spectrums in a spiral shape (wormhole), whereby you feel like you are in a different world, a really colorful one ;).Use the light of your phone, look at fire, use our led gloves or the Motion Sensored Led Bracelets and dance away in the lights around you.

The Carbon Retro Model

LYL has next to the “Hydrogen Classic” space glasses also Retro sunglasses and Retro space glasses. Especially for the rave-souls that want to look like a macho. These prism glasses coming in 4 different lenses  (Clear/Spiral/Bronze/Tinted) and is available in only one color that fits the most – exactly, Pitch black!

Pitch Black

No one will notice that you are wearing the most brilliant glasses of the crowd, until they see you killing it on the dance floor.


LYL not only offers space glasses, diffraction glasses and Kaleidoscope glasses, we offer an experience– the ultimate high for your festival, friends and fellow party souls around you. With gadgets that compliment each other, like our LYL LED gloves and Motion Sensored Led Bracelets in combination with the LYL diffraction glasses to skyrocket your party experience to the next level.

Because of the Clear Spiral lens, mostly suited for indoor festivals/clubs/night clubs/afterparties at home. Wear them, share them

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 13.5 × 6 cm

Pitch Black


Spiral Diffraction


Stainless steel


High quality indistructable frame

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