If you keep losing stuff, the LyL Foldable Nitrogen space glasses are you buddies. These prism glasses are forged with the most Legendary glasses every made. This model has got a Clear lens with the maximum rainbow-burst effect possible, perfect for indoor parties!

It is available in in Transparent Titanium Grey and in Pure White. All our models are tested for bumpy environments and so they can handle you!

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Clear Lens

LyL forged for you the most Legendary glasses ever made by humans or Gods. Therefore our  “Clear” lens has got the maximum rainbow-burst effect possible. This is why everything around you will explode in colorful combinations. Look at the lights and the specific colors and experience these Legendary spaceglasses. Use the light of you phone/lighter, the led gloves or the led finger lights and look at the streetlights. Most of all, the stroboscopes make one hell of a show for you. Because of the clear lens we advise you to use these prisms glasses indoor.

Are you dying to see the real effect, watch the movie and you will be amazed!

LyL does not only offer spaceglasses, diffraction glasses and Kaleidoscope glasses, we offer you an experience, the ultimate high on your festival, with your friends and fellow party souls around you. With gadgets that will supplement each other, like our LyL led gloves and led finger lights in combination with the LyL spaceglasses to skyrocket your party to the next level.

Are you a big fan of the diffraction glasses, but you always manage to lose them? You don’t know where to put them away and you are always asking yourself “isn’t there a solution for this problem”? The answer is YES, there is! The LyL Foldable Nitrogen space glasses. You just fold this hero inside you pocket and you can hardly lose it, except if your friend keeps it for himself ;-). Available in Transparent Titanium Grey and in Pure White.

Mostly suited for indoor festivals/clubs/night clubs/afterparties at home. Wear them, share them!

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