Our Story

First of all, it’s YOUR LIFE, it’s YOUR PARTY so don’t wait for other people to make your party Legendary! You have to create it!

Take at least yourself, your friends and YOUR Legendary gear with you to know 100% sure that whatever happens, you will have by any means a Legendary day & night! You will share all your guts, your energy with all the people around you. You connect, you share! You share your instruments of the gods, the god inside you!

It’s not the DJ, it’s not the crowd… it is YOU who’s making the party. Imagine if everybody on the dance floor would feel the same way, how would a whole party look like? …. Yes indeed, like magic on the dance floor!

LyL is there to help you, to share our knowledge about a Legendary Life. Make your own creative light show with the diffraction glasses and led lights. Ask a complete stranger (and dear fellow party-soul) if he/she wants to stand on your shoulder for an epic view), cool people down with your electric water vaporiser so that they will definitely stay till the end and give as many party souls around you Goosebumps with your Legendary head-massager. Finish it off by lifting a wheel chair with 10 people around you and Legendary another night of a unique person!

We would like do dare you to create these moments and share this with us on our Social pages, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest, to be an example for the rest of the world. Of course we will be happy to give you a LYL package for sharing!

There is only one true star, and that star is you! Let’s illuminate this world, this sky, this Universe with billions of stars!

The gathering has begun,

Legendary Your Life, and that of everybody around you!