With great pride and shivers all over my body, I want to share with you the result of a year passionate and dedicated work, my own company! I’m officially launching it on a really special moment for me, my Moms birthday!


Almost 3 years ago, in May, my Mom passed away from my Family and me. Looking back at this truly heavy experience, I changed radically since that day. I changed/quitted my job twice, moved to another city, meditated, studied a lot about happiness and success, and went traveling…. All with one goal, to find my passion and to keep the #1 promise to myself:

When you die, leave no dreams left behind! When you leave this earth, accomplish everything single thing you could have accomplished!

I learned a lot during those years. Everybody has greatness in them: You, me, and everybody around you is born phenomenal. Everything about you is great. But the problem is that most people choose to be average, with the consequence that they don’t recognize greatness in themselves, and in others. So you have to look within yourself, and decide YOU are in charge!

And so one year ago, when I was traveling I found my passion, even closer to me than I could have possibly imagined. I love going to festivals, listening to music, connecting with people and sharing energy. I love to make people happy and inspire them, make people aware that every single moment you can make the decision of living a beautiful (legendary) life!
So I found that I love to Legendary lives, YOUR LIFE.

And so I chose to begin my mission at the most fertile place in this world: At festivals and at parties. Where everybody just feels the music, without rules, without judgment. Where people litterly choose through which glasses they want to look at that moment.

You always have an option to follow your dreams, your passion. You decide the way you want to look at your life. With LegendaryYourLife, I want to inspire the whole world to see the “reality” in a different perspective, by showing you products that you’ve never heard of before. With products that do not only guarantee fun, they will Legendary Your Party, and that of everybody around you. And when you can do this at a party, it’s easy to take the next step into our beautiful world.

I believe that one day, we are not going to live in a world that is given to us, but we are going to actually live in a world that we dreamed of!

Legendary Your life is a lifestyle.  The gathering has begun, be part of it!

Check out the website and like and share this with as many friends as possible. Let’s illuminate this world together, with the strongest force in the universe, love!

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Machiel Monninkhof
Founder of Legendaryyourlife

by Legendary your Life