Official Launch of LegendaryYourLife

With great pride and shivers all over my body, I want to share with you the result of a year passionate and dedicated work, my own company! I’m officially launching it on a really special moment for me, my Moms birthday! Almost 3 years ago, in May, my Mom passed away from my Family […]


#2 Lift a wheelchair in the air

“You know that feeling that you get goosebumps by helping people at parties. By giving them a massage or helping them sit on your shoulders and see everything. That’s so awesome! I saw once that people where dancing next to me and helping a great person in a wheelchair, by lifting it with a lot […]


#1: Crowdsurf @ Tomorrowland (or anywhere)

“I had a dream….”, that on one day I would crowd surf on the biggest stage possible. Yes, indeed, at Tommorowland. Last year, at the 10th anniversary of Tomorrowland it had to be my moment! The Universe helped me and my friends with getting tickets and so we went to Belgium. I bought a rubber […]