Affiliate Program

We offer a wide range of products for people that love to go to festivals; parties, weddings, events, teams or any other event where party products will be used. We offer led-gloves, diffraction glasses, Kaleidoscope glasses, speaker-sets, earplugs, fans and much more festival gear. Joining our affiliate network is free and easy. Simply apply through Share a Sale and agree to our service agreement.

Affiliate Program benefits

  • Earn up to 15%  commission based on sales referred by your website
  • 30- day tracking
  • Earn more with Legendary your Life’s average order amount of $32.74
  • Our conversion rate is 3.24%
  • Choose from a wide selection of ad banners and links
  • Provide visitors with exclusive offers.
  • Access detailed, personal tracking reports
  • Be part of a Legendary team

We have a 2 person affiliate team to help you with any questions and we have a customize payment rate and plan for our affiliates that bring us the most sales. If your require more information please contact our Affiliate department via

Please apply here by signing-up through our Share a Sale program.