One of my most awesome experiences was with the diffraction glasses of LyL, on a late autumn night 2014 in Amsterdam: We rented a bike and drove through Amsterdam. Crossing the canals with all those lights is just awesome, but with these glasses….it felt like being in another dimension. Then we continued driving to the Vondelpark, only this time we added music as well: playing some sweet reggae music from the speakers in my backpack, smiling and singing along. And that’s where we noticed…the streets were no longer there, they seemed to be transformed. We could clearly see the streetlights, and all the rainbow colors around them created by the glasses. But those lights were reflecting on what used to be the street, now seemed like some sort of transparent ice rink, mirroring the streetlights.  It almost felt like flying! Imagine biking on an ‘airbike’ in outer space amongst the stars, a Legendary experience, a little bit in heaven! So definitely try this (but watch out for the traffic ;))

Koen Vliek, Netherlands

by Legendary your Life