“You know that feeling that you get goosebumps by helping people at parties. By giving them a massage or helping them sit on your shoulders and see everything. That’s so awesome! I saw once that people where dancing next to me and helping a great person in a wheelchair, by lifting it with a lot of people and just bounced him around. That look in his eyes was breathtaking. I really wanted to give that feeling to someone as well, to Legendary that night of that person! And then that moment was there, at Tomorrowland 2014 with the grates crowd in the world. With one friend of mine we asked a guy in a wheelchair to lift him up in the air and within seconds people from all angles where helping us and lifted him above the crowd. Tears where flowing by this guy. Later I asked the guy why he was crying and he replied. “the view was so stunning, but what really made me cry was that random people just like you, who absolutely didn’t know me, just did this for me, only for me! I felt such a great connection”. So I would say, that’s how you Legendary your life, and that of others!

Hans Hudephol, Netherlands

by Legendary your Life